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BInspired Visions

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  • Chicago, IL
  • 815-904-1777

    Videography Packages

    BInspired Visions offers a variety of videography packages to suit your needs. From sports events to weddings, live music sets, and more, let us capture all of your events through the art of video. Contact us today to learn more and schedule your session. Our services are available in Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York, Houston, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Denver, and Detroit.

    Sports Events | $75/hr

    Weddings | $125/hr

    Day Rate Film/Show Set (8hrs) | $700

    Music Video w/ Editing | $600
    (1 day of shooting w/ exceptions)

    Editing 2-Minute Video/Reel | $150

    Editing 3-Minute Video/Reel | $200

    Raw footage | $25 Additional For All Footage

    Drone/Aerial Footage | $150-$200/hr

    Live Music Sets | $300
    (3 hours w/ basic edits)

    Documentary | $300-$600

    All services require non refundable deposit, unless at fault by owner AFTER accommodations have attempted to be made.